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    Game Information

    Game Title: Nier: Automata

    Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC


    Buy 10 / 10

    NieR Automata is the ultimate JRPG, mixing perfectly this genre with the Hack n’ Slash style. It succeeds in every aspect: A complex and deep story, beautiful design and a unique style. This game is a true masterpiece.

    CGMagazine - Elias Blondeau - 10 / 10.0

    NieR: Automata is the rare gaming experience in which narrative, aesthetics, and gameplay all complement each other to form a perfect storm of master class game design. A truly exemplary example of what video games are capable of as an art form, and a new personal favorite.

    Destructoid - Chris Carter - 9 / 10.0

    NieR: Automata is nearly as good of an RPG as it is an action game, which is a mighty tall order. It's tough to really strike that balance as many action-RPGs tend to favor one element over the other, but Platinum Games, with the help of Square Enix, has tapped into its innate ability to captivate us with combat while keeping the rest of the journey engaging.

    Digitally Downloaded - Matt Sainsbury - 5 / 5 stars

    Put simply, NieR: Automata is the greatest game ever made. It's not just that it is the deepest and most narratively potent game ever developed - and it is a truly deep narrative experience - but more than that, Yoko Taro has finally found perhaps the developer on the planet capable of doing his visionary work justice.

    DualShockers - Giuseppe Nelva - 9 / 10.0

    Yet, it’s a fantastic and well balanced mix between sleek PlatinumGames action and JRPG gameplay, resulting bigger than the sum of its parts. It brings forth an absolutely fascinating setting, and charming, likable and memorable characters that will both make you smile and tug at your heart strings.

    2B, 9S and the rest of the cast already cut themselves a well deserved corner in my heart, and I’m positive they will do the same for many of you as well.

    EGM - Mollie L Patterson - 8.5 / 10.0

    While Nier: Automata at times feels unpolished or under-developed, when taken as an entire experience, it's a fantastic journey of a group of androids struggling to live up to their purpose in life. Here, unconventional narrative design meets tightly-developed combat gameplay, and that turns out to be one heck of a combination.

    Gadgets 360 - Rishi Alwani - 9 / 10

    By genre, you could say that Nier: Automata is an action role-playing game. But the reality is that it's a whole lot more.

    Game Informer - Joe Juba - 7.8 / 10.0

    While the story has many cool and interesting moments, the repetition and lack of depth make them hard to fully appreciate

    GameSpot - Miguel Concepcion - 9 / 10

    The sequel to Yoko Taro's cult hit is a beautifully frenetic hack-and-slasher with an engrossing and layered story.

    GamesRadar+ - Sam Prell - 4.5 / 5 stars

    While it's certainly not perfect, Nier: Automata is nonetheless a breath of fresh air that will challenge your thumbs as well as your thinking - a game with hydrocarbon heart and silicon soul that will stay with you long after you've set the controller down.

    Gaming Gamma - Mankoto - 9 / 10.0

    Nier: Automata is nothing short of marvelous game. The game's characters and developments that some go through are breathtaking. This is a game where the more you put into it the more you will get out of it as some side-stories will give more context to some parts of the main one. On top of that, you’ll hear some of the best music this generation. The final boss music is some of the best created to date. Combine with a completely customizable control scheme to boot. The good is phenomenal with the bad being negligible to almost pretty distracting at time. It's an absolute miracle that this game came to be, and what was delivered is Platinum's return to form and another chance for the world to experience a game helmed by Yoko Taro.

    God is a Geek - Chris White - 9 / 10.0

    Hands down, one of the smartest action titles Platinum Games has ever put out, with a rousing score and some of the best narrative ideas I’ve seen in a videogame.

    Hardcore Gamer - Kyle LeClair - 4.5 / 5.0

    NieR: Automata is an absolute masterpiece from beginning to end (or ends, to be a bit more accurate).

    IGN - Meghan Sullivan - 8.9 / 10.0

    Nier: Automata is a crazy, beautiful, and highly entertaining journey full of nutty ideas and awesome gameplay. It may not include the most sensical story or compelling characters, but its frenzied combat -- coupled with beautiful visuals and a stunning soundtrack – make it too much fun to pass up.

    IGN Italy - Gianluca Loggia - Italian - 9 / 10

    Nier: Automata is one of the most original, surprising and brilliant games of this generation. Not perfect, but unmissable.

    IGN Spain - José L. Ortega - Spanish - 9 / 10

    NieR: Automate it's one of the best action games of the last few years, and a complete tribute to the video games industry.

    JRPG.moe - Unknown - No Verdict

    I’m going to hold off on giving it a final score until I’ve seen just how weird things can get in the many alternate routes, but NieR: Automata gets a huge thumbs up. Seeing the first real ending of the game only took me around ten hours, but they were ten unforgettable hours that were stuffed with set pieces and emotional scenes. Yoko Taro’s wild ideas and Platinum’s workmanlike approach to action game design are a match made in heaven.

    M3 - P-A Knutsson - Swedish - 8 / 10

    After a couple of mediocre titles, Platinum Games are back – and they're better than ever. Nier: Automata is an almost perfect action game, with an interesting story and fluid gameplay. A must have for anyone that looking for a challenging action game.

    Metro GameCentral - GameCentral - 9 / 10

    A fantastic mix of explosive action and thoughtful storytelling, that results in one of the most unpredictable and ambitious action role-players of the modern era.

    PlayStation Universe - Garri Bagdasarov - 9.5 / 10.0

    Exceptional in every way. NeiR: Automata delivers on every cylinder, providing one of the best experiences this year. In every generation there is a game that leaves an impression on you and for me NieR: Automata is that game. To put it simply, NeiR: Automata is a magical experience.

    Polygon - Janine Hawkins - 8 / 10.0

    If that's my biggest problem with it after clearing each of the game's five core endings, that should say everything. Nier: Automata is a game that's more than willing to make players feel small, both physically and conceptually. It wants to swallow them whole, and it succeeds. Nier demands patience with its antics — not to mention its definition of "ending" — but it's patience was rewarded.

    Push Square - Sammy Barker - 8 / 10

    An oddity that grows in stature the more time that you spend with it, NieR: Automata is so much more than you think it is – and it's all the better for it. Some decent writing aside, its side-quests fall into genre pitfalls and its open world can be annoying to navigate. But if you're able to look beyond its shortcomings as a game then you'll be richly rewarded. And while we can't really elaborate on why that is, you're just going to have to trust us.

    RPG Fan - Samer Farag - 93%

    NieR: Automata takes what was great about NieR and adds some fantastic action gameplay on top of it.

    RPG Site - Josh Torres - 10 / 10

    Meticulously weaving gameplay and narrative together, Nier: Automata is Yoko Taro's magnum opus - succeeding brilliantly in expressing his vision.

    Saudi Gamer - عصام الشهوان - Arabic - 4 / 5

    A role playing game rich in unique characters and a multilayered story waiting to be unraveled, with one of the fastest and slickest fighting system in a game of its kind, against a diverse cast of bosses. All of this in addition to this year’s best and most unique soundtrack, and this uniqueness extends to the gameplay and quest designs, all with the patented Yoko Taro touch. Its only let down by an unbalanced difficulty that robs many boss fights of their grandeur, and the sparseness of its world.

    Sirus Gaming - Haidee Pinote - 9 / 10.0

    Whenever I try to jump to some higher place, since 9S is blocking the way I wouldn’t be able to nail it the first time around or when I tend to circle back from where I came from, 2B’s character doesn’t just slip through 9S’ which ends in me dragging 9S’ sorry butt backwards all the way back to where I started. Talk about awkward movement. But despite these areas where the game might need some improvement on, this game is quite a huge success. It caught my attention from start to finish and it made me yearn for more when it ended. As what a famous quote said, “All good things come to those who wait.”

    The Outerhaven Productions - Keith Mitchell - 4.5 / 5 stars

    After spending well over 20 hours in this post-apocalyptic cyber world, I still can not put NieR: Automata down. While the original was clearly a niche title that failed to make a massive impact, the sequel was designed to keep the original charm but appeal to a greater audience. Easily one of the better titles from Square Enix, thanks to the Platinum Games putting their foot into the fantastic combat system. The story is interesting, the music captivating and the world has its own charm and personality. Another reason to own a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro.

    TheSixthAxis - Dominic Leighton - No Verdict

    As a game with multiple endings, we're not quite ready to give our final score, but right now it's looking like a big success for Yoko Taro and his team that'll please fans of the original and those of Platinum's action-orientated output, approaching the genre-leading Bayonetta 2 for the sheer joyous carnage 2B is capable of wreaking.

    TrueGaming - محمد البسيمي - Arabic - 8 / 10.0

    Automata may not be for everyone, but if you're ready to dive deep in it, you might just find something really worth the effort after all.

    TrustedReviews - Kirk McKeand - 4 / 5 stars

    Despite some minor annoyances, NieR: Automata is brilliant. It strikes the balance between RPG and action game unlike anything else in the genre. It’s a game you kind of have to meet halfway, with a story that gets more complex and interesting the more you prod at it. If you’re willing to commit, though, you’ll be rewarded.

    USgamer - Caty McCarthy - No Verdict

    Nier: Automata dares to center its tale on something more sentimental: two androids wrestling with their small connection to humanity, and what that means for them.

    Wccftech - Kai Powell - 9.2 / 10.0

    Although it might not be a perfect game, the sum of NieR: Automata’s unique storytelling meshed with Platinum Games’ style of action, meld together into a title well deserving of being one of my personal Games of the Year.

    Theo reddit.



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